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My ScrubEaze Adventure

A note from the Scoring Chix Founder, Dawn Benson,

Thank you for taking the ScrubEAZE plunge into a world of unlimited cleaning possibilities throughout your life!!I bought my first one several years ago on a trip to Montana, then to buying more for presents for family and friends. Over the years I realized it was time to share with the world and I hope you enjoy the miracle of these to keep your life clean and sustainable. On this unique journey, please drop me a line to share how they have changed your life, won a difficult cleaning challenge, maybe a horse loves being washed with them, a foot scrub, to??????

I wish you all the best and don’t forget to toss them in your dishwasher or washer (with jeans or non-delicate items).

My philosophy is to give back to my communities - drop me a line for details on a fundraiser campaign?

Drop us a note to share how you use them to receive a 15% discount coupon on a future order.

email us at scoringchix01@gmail.com

If you need more email or call us at 925-719-1615 -  package monthly or quarterly

Happy “ScrubEazing” – Best always, Dawn

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