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  • Dawn Benson

The ScrubEaze Journey Begins

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

I want to welcome you to my blog to share just how wonderful the ScrubEaze, Ultimate ScrubEaze, Flip Mex and Bio Mex products are in your life. In fact, they have changed my life and I want to share what I have used them for so here goes!

First to feature is the ScrubEaze cloth is the wizard of tool in my kitchen because from cleaning my All Clad pans, and dishes to cleaning veggies to cleaning up the stove, oven and baking dishes. Then there is the unlimited uses around the house too, hard to get gunk out of crevices, floor surfaces, bathrooms, and more. Outside is all that and more from bugs and ick off your windshield, to grills, campers, RVs, in your garden, hot tubs, pools, buckets, dog yard, and more.

But it was the equestrian world that I realized this was the tool every rider, trainer, owner, barn manager, and maintenance team could not live without! It started at buckets, move to a grooming tool, especially cleaning hooves, scrubbing stains and a massage bath and more, then gunk off tack and bits, spurs, bell and leg boots, to dirt off blankets, fly masks and more!

I want to know how you have used them so please share your uses here!

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