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Special Fundraiser for Sisters High School Science Gals Brussels Trip!

Four gals set a goal resulting in an invite to compete in the International Science competition in Brussels in April 2019

Emma Farley, my sweet niece, continues to be a rockstar in our world!  She and 3 other girls from her Chemistry class at Sisters High School, submitted an experiment to an international science competition and they were one of 30 teams selected from all around the world. The competition is called ASGARD IX, and it is in Brussles, Belgium at the end of April 2019!

The Gal team project is sending fabric and insulation given to them from Patagonia, Columbia Sportswear and REI, and hopefully a piece of NASA space suit, into outer space along with a special mini computer chip that they have programmed to test it along the way!

This dynamic and innovative Gal team was the only USA team selected and only ALL girl team! The format is first day all teams present, the second day they launch a weather balloon into the stratosphere with their experiments and the third day each team presents their results!


The girls are working to raise the money to go on the trip. They are a great group of young women!  The have designed t-shirts and sweatshirts that they are selling on-line and they have set up a donation account through the Sisters School Foundation (so it is a tax deductible donation!) 

Read more of their journey in the article below:


SHS students raise funds for science project in Belgium - Nugget Newspaper - Sisters, Oregon News, Events, Classifieds - Sisters, Oregon

Local news and schools coverage for Sisters School District, Sisters, Oregon

Use "Gal Four" in the checkout when buying any ScrubEAZE products - all proceeds will be donated to the Sisters Science Gals Project!!!


Gal Four

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